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Scans of the entire Breaking Dawn People magazine special + transcript of the R/K parts

A New Dawn

Although the union of Bella and Edward isn't exactly your usual til-death-do-us-part affair (this is a vampire saga, after all), Twilight fans better be prepared to whip out a hanky while watching the duo get hitched in Breaking Dawn - Part 1. "That who point of the book is something that I read thousands of times," Kristen Stewart told Entertainment Weekly. "It was oddly emotional the first time I got to set and saw everything and everybody." And if a romantic wedding weren't enough, there are tons of other big moments packed into the film. A honeymoon, a volatile first night of matrimonial passion, a pregnancy and to top it off - the birth of Renesmee.

"It's so different than everything else in the movie," Robert Pattinson said of the scene. "For a fantasy series that has a youngish audiance, it goes quite far; it's quite hardcore." Given Bella and Edward's tumltuous history, the final chapter of their love story is primed to strike a deep chord. As Stewart said at Comic-Con, echoing the feelings of Twi-Hards everywhere, "I've been building up to these moments for the past four years. I was 17 when I starting doing the movie - and this one is really loaded with those cathartic, impactful, huge life moments, and...they're really very rooted in a reality that I can completely see myself if."

Robert Pattinson; On The Rise

Now that he's saying goodbye to Edward Cullen, the actor is ready to sink his teeth in the opportunities Twilight has made possible.

if you thought you knew everything there was to know about Robert Pattinson, this year was filled with lots of plesant surprises. The usually tight-lipped actor started to let his guard down. He revealed that he cries easily (he teared up when he had to say goodbye to his pachyderm costar Tai at the end of filming Water For Elephants). He disclosed that he preferes shooting love scenes with short actresses. "Screen kisses are quite difficult when you're the same height," he told an Australian journalist. "You're just ramming your faces against each other: head butting." Plus, the actor - who's also a guitar-playing singer-songwriter - divulged that he was not afraid to belt out a schmaltszy R&B number.
During an apperance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he said that "one of the best days" of his life was singing karaoke at Cricket's Grill & Draft House in Lubbock, Texas, during a cross-country road trip with pals last September. One of the tunes he belted out? R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly"

Professionally, Pattinson, 25, who use to make quirky indie films (like the Salvador Dali bio Little Ashes) during his Twilight breaks, has become surprisingly earnest in picking his projects. "Becoming in demand quickly," he told The New Zealand Herald, "affords you the opportunities to work with people who are far more experienced than you," like Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, his Oscar-winning costars in Water For Elephants. "We had a great time," Witherspoon said of working with RPattz. "Not only is he supersexy, he's a really lovely, nice person."
For his next role, the actor - who made Forbes's and Vanity Fairs' most recent lists of top power players in Hollywood (the latter reporting that he made about $27.5 million last year) - did something really shocking: He chopped off his hallowed hair to play a bedeviled billionaire in the futuristic drama Cosmopolis.

Still, Pattinson is feeling emotional about saying goodbye to his Twilight days. "I'll be very glad not to put those contacts in anymore or have to put on that sparkling makeup," he told the Chicago Sun-Times. "I do love the guy and I'm going to miss him." Not that he'll miss taking off his shirt which made him "nervous" when he finally stripped down in Breaking Dawn. He admitted at Comic-Con this year. "I managed to have my shirt on the whole series...I look like an inflatable frankfurter."
 And he still isn't comfortable with the frenzy he incites whenever he steps out in public. "His fame is so great and the reaction he inspires is so violent - [crowds] will literally tear the clothes off his back - that he hasn't be able to make peace with it," Elephants director Francis Lawrence told Britain's Daily Telegraph.

But the actor has managed to find far more humor in getting caught up in the Edward Cullen phenomenon. He joked to the Canadian media about checking online fansites "just to see what my schedule is." And on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Pattinson gently mocked an audience member who cried out when the late night TV host called Rob "a homeless hoarder" for basically living out of three suitcases since the first Twilight film shooting in 2008.  "How is a scream warranted for that?" he said with a laugh.
Even if the hoopla still perplexes him, Pattinson appreciates everything with the franchise has done for him. "Twilight has really changed my life," he said at Comic-Con. And you can sense his melancholy when he describes the filming the series' final scenes. "It was just Kristen and I," he told France's Premiere magazine of the saga-ending shoot in the Caribbean. "We were shooting in the sea so I didn't have to have make up on, or wear my contacts...At the end of the day we went out for cocktails on the beach, watching the sunrise...Every difficult moment just vanished."

Kristen Stewart; Happily Ever After

Life post-Twilight is looking like a fairy take for the actress, who's become a rising fashion icon with her pick of A-list roles. Up next: Snow White

Kristen Stewart likes to mix things up. Since becoming famous as the star-crossed Bella, she has taken on roles including 80's rocker Joan Jett (The Runaways) a laper (Welcome To The Rileys), a 60's drifter (the upcoming On The Road) and now a fairy-tale princess (she's currently filming Snow White and the Huntsman). Even when she's back in Twilight mode, she likes the mix of highs and lows that come with falling in love - and having a baby - with a vampire. "It's definitely not your typical birth scene," she said at Comic-Con of her favorite Breaking Dawn moment. "It took two days to shoot, it was really hard. There's this park where Bella's choking on blood that she's been drinking and then a moment of sheer exuberance of looking at your baby for the first time. That was fun."
Off screen, Stewart, 21, is equally determined to keep things multidimensional. Having long cultivated a part-hippie-part-hipster vibe, the actress recently divulged that she's also a golfer. And she tends to veer between wild extreme  when it comes to the way she dresses. describing
herself as "a Converse and jeans kind of girl" at a recent runway show, she pointed to the heels she and on and said "these are a big departure for me." Yet, she recently told Women's Wear Daily, "I know everyone thinks I wear black all the time, but I really do love vibrant colors." She has graced the covers of Vogue and W the past year, and her longtime stylist Tara Swennen insists that the actress has become a big fan of fashion. "She's fearless and is willing to take risks," says Swennen.

When it comes to her private life, however, the publicity-shy Stewart has remained thoroughly consistent. You'd be far more likely to find her checking out an obscure band in a Hollywood drive bar thank you would at the latest, trendy nightclub. And though more frequently trailed by paparazzi, she fiercely fights to keep her personal life from being affected by her day job. "It's a funny thing," she told W. "You want so badly for people to see what you do - you're proud of it - and I like the effect movies have on people. But the attention can also make me uncomfortable. In certain situations, people say to me 'C'mon, what's wrong with you?' I apologize. I love what I'm doing, but I'm a little uncomfortable." Even her family is not exempt from that uneasiness. "Occasionally, my dad will flip the TV on, and it's cool to look at some movie that I'm in for one second," she has said." "And then, 'Dude, off. Now. Like, cut it out; "

Vampires In Love

As Bella and Edward head down the aisle, the real life romance between Robert and Kristen is still going strong - and getting more public.

Pop quiz, Twilight fans, why is August 15 2010 such a historical date? That's the day a photographer caught Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing on a Montreal street corner. At long last, there was verifiable proof the the two actors had fallen for once another as intensely as their characters did onscreen.
"They are a couple in love," says a source who saw them during the Breaking Dawn shoot in Baton Rouge. And they're finally more relaxed enough to let it show - in moderation, of course. "They weren't slobbering all over each other," adds the source. "But they sure looked and talked like a couple."

And their stepped-up public displays of affection lasted during the entire shoot. They were often spotted out on the town - listening to music or simply sharing a bottle of red wine while deep in conversation at local hot spots like the Wine Loft and Cadillac Cafe. At one cast dinner, "there was a lot of hand-holding," says another source. "Everyone was talking around the room, but Kristen and Rob were just talking to one another."
But good luck getting them to divulge any juicy details about their connection. Though the duo has won every MTV Movie Award for best kiss they've been nominated for, they have no desire to play kiss-and-tell in real life. Sure, they tantalize fans with that near-smooch at the MTV extravaganza in 2010, but mostly, they just frustrate folks by skirting the romance issue and ignore countless pleas from the various media outlets for direct confirmation.

Even Oprah Winfrey couldn't get them to admit on her talk show that they were dating. (Instead, Rob made a joke about Kristen's being pregnant." The pair have been playing coy ever since reports surfaced that they shy Brit use to propose to Stewart on the set of the first movie. Back then, Pattinson confessed to acting smitten. "I felt like an idiot following her around saying 'you should really read some Zola - and there's this amazing Truffaunt movie, ' " he told Entertainment Weekly. (Her response? "He probably proposed to me several times a day," she tolf GQ. "It's sort of his thing. He thinks it's cute.")

But if you were paying attention, you realized Pattinson was truly starting to win over his costar. Their original denials way back when - he'd protest that they were "just friends" and she would ask people to respect her privicy - subtly gave way to flirty banter and body language. He looks at her adoringly during joint interviews, while she likes to rib him about responses. When Pattinson teased Stewart about her "diva-ish behavior having the Cooking Channel on at all times," at Comic-Con this year, Stewart shot back "And you reap the benefits." (It's true," added RPattz.)
Looking back, their love story really began the moment Robert beat out all the other contenders for the Edward role when he and Stewart performed a love scene during an audition. "She would have strangled me if I didn't pick him," said Twilight director Cathrine Hardwick in 2008. Pattinson agreed: "There was a certain chemistry," he said " She's the reason I did the movie."
So what's next for the couple now that their costarring days may be over? Many fans are already praying for a wedding to rival the one that takes place in Breaking Dawn ("They need to get married in real life," one fan blogged. "They are meant to be together FOREVER!!!!") While Stewart seemed to reject the concept of matrimony in a recent German TV interview, she also showed her romantic streak. "I like the thought of two people staying together for the rest of their lives," she said.
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