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Kristen at Sundance 2014 master post  
17th-Jan-2014 02:48 pm
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Candids of Kristen at sundance can be found here
Kristen at the sundance dinner photos can be found here
Icons of everything Sundance can be found here
Print interview with the LA times can be found here
Print interview with eonline can be found here

Here is a download link to the song that Kristen picked out for the end of Camp X-Ray. Kettering" by The Antlers.

HQ's (Premiere / inside the theater)


Inside the theater / Q&A


Protraits - Sundance

Portraits - Entertainment Weekly

Fan pictures / Media pictures / Being interviewed / Creeper photos

Twitter reactions after the screening

@RylandAldrich CAMP X-RAY is very contained and surprisingly engaging. Props to Kristen Stewart for choosing interesting roles. #Sundance

@AlexandarWagner #CampXRay is a raw and realistic depiction of #guantanamo beautifully lead by #KristenStewart

@HitFixGregory: Camp X-Ray handles Guantanamo Bay as fairly as anyone could expect. Will upset some red hawks though. #Sundance2014 /// Not sure how commercial Camp X-Ray is but it could do solid art house business. #Sundance2014 /// Kristen Stewart and actor from A Separation are superb in Camp X-Ray. Direction has some pacing issues. Nice 3rd act.

@fanspired: I'm in tears! Beautifully edited, amazing score ... I'm speechless! #campxray #Sundance2014 // Kristen had the performance of a LIFETIME #campxray #Sundance2014

@ErikDavis: CAMP X-RAY: A hardened Kristen Stewart crushes beer cans on her head & fights the norm in this moving prison drama. #Sundance

@bonniejstinson: FUCK Camp X-Ray is a fucking amazing film, and everyone should see it. Incredibly moving, powerful, real, unique.

@imTulip We were all in tears at the end. So moving. #sundance #CampXRaySundance


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