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29th-Jul-2016 02:38 am - New photos of Rob for Dior
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Via; peterlindbergh_
Via; eonline

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Damn, Robert. Back at it again with those Dior suits ;)
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imagebam.com imagebam.com

" The title is “Come Swim,” and she’s ready to shoot it in three weeks. Kristen Stewart disclosed details of her narrative directing debut in our chat at the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo, New York.

Kristen recounted how “Come Swim” began. It will be her short film directing debut. In 2014, she codirected with David Ethan Shapiro a music video of the band, Sage + The Saints, for their song, “Take Me to the South.”
“I usually work in spurts,” she began. “I did five movies in a year and a half. I wrote a short story, like a poem that I’ve developed three years ago. I’m shooting it in three weeks. I’m so excited about it. We’re ready to go.”

Beaming, Kristen added: “I’ll probably act in a movie after that, but this (directing) is where I want to be. I’ve wanted to make movies since I was 9 years old. I don’t think there’s a huge divide between acting and directing.” She shared what another actress-turned-director told her: “Jodie Foster said, when I told her I was going to make this movie. ‘The first thing you’re going to learn is that you don’t have much to learn—and that you’re totally ready.’ For her to say that, it feels good.”

Asked who is starring in “Come Swim,” Kristen replied, “My friend, Josh. He’s not an actor, but he’s incredible.” We did not get to ask Josh’s last name. As for her film’s budget, Kristen grinned and quipped, “I’m not telling you.” “Come Swim” is part of an anthology of short films commissioned by Refinery29, a fashion and lifestyle website.

Kristen and 11 other female filmmakers, including “Empire’s” Gabourey Sidibe and Chloe Sevigny, were invited by Refinery29 to make films under its ShatterBox Anthology.  "

This was originally published on July 17th on
entertainmentinquirer. Kristen seems to be tight lipped about the film and a lot of details about it; but from the looks of the photo above, it could very well be ahead of schedule!

29th-Jul-2016 02:03 am - Guess Who's Back...?!
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You've read that right; AmazedByRobsten is re-open after over a year of being closed!
I wish I could say it was an easy choice, but it wasn't. Life gets busy, fandoms have drama, etc.

After a good year and a half of having the blog closed, I've realized how much I missed it. The people, the posts, the excitment, etc.

The blog will be open under the same rule of no paparazzi photos, no tabloid news and no drama. This is a site of BOTH Rob and Kristen. Haters to the left. You literally have no reason to be here anymore.

My life is a busy one, the blog will be updated but there won't be any staying up insane hours in the morning for events to get a post done. Posts will be posted when they're posted. Daily, every other day, etc. At least the blog is open =)

26th-Mar-2015 08:52 pm - Blog is closing. - Courtney
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As much as I hate to let my blog go, it's time for me to move on from it.

In May of last year, I took a week an a half vacation to Los Angeles with 4 of my close friends that I met though twitter because of Twilight/Rob/Kristen. In that week I didn't bring my laptop, just my phone, and told myself that I would just catch up on posts when I flew home. I caught up that entire week in one night and then never posted anything again after that except a few icon posts here and there.

I even forgot my password to my account on here. (Sorry to the 2349823942 messages I had in my inbox on here - I'm alive and well :)

This has nothing to do with the fact that Rob and Kristen are no longer together. I still love them either way. Their relationship isn't why I was a fan. I started this blog when I was 16 years old and now I'm almost 22. There's a huge difference with how much time you have on your hands when you're 16 fresh out of school, and 22 with trying to juggle a job, social life, and family. I just don't have time to run a blog anymore. I dont have time to try to keep up on news with two people's lives when I can't even keep up with my own life. I want to be able to work and go out and travel without worrying about "I wonder how much I have to catch up on tonight". I don't want to be up at insane hours in the morning posting things or staying up for events on the other side of the world to keep up with posts and things.. It's just not healthy.

It's been an amazing and wild six years running this blog (and twitter which is now @WeAreTheFoxes_ ) and meeting amazing people, creating memories that I'll never forget

- Operation Hide Us Weekly that gained media attention and was a hilarious few weeks for all of us in such a rough time) Helping out

- Universal Studios with releasing Snow White and The Huntsman news (And getting some wicked SWATH swag mailed for me as a thank you)

- Cannes 2012 (I called in sick for work from a previous job for that and it was worth that entire few days)

- Pissing off the website HollywoodLife and getting blocked and redflagged by them for tricking them and exposing where they get their "Sources" [My name is redflagged with UsWeekly as well. Bonus!]

- And my most favorite thing out of all this: Meeting life long friends from all overt the world.

I'm still on twitter (@WeAreTheFoxes_) and I'm still a fan of Rob and Kristen. But this part of my life has to come to an end. I wish I had the time for it and the passion that I use to have to run this blog, but I dont anymore.

Thank you for the many page hits, endless RT's on blog post tweets, all the support, all the early hour mornings of fangirling.
Thank you for the memories ♥

Los Angeles, May 2014 with a few of my best friends I met on Twitter in 2009. We're all from different countries so this is just proof that you can someday meet your online best friends :)

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12th-Jul-2014 11:02 am - New Kristen photo shoot in Paris
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driuandtiago: Lovely. Gorgeous. Cool Kristen by us #kristenstewart #driuandtiago

gracebolland: Shooting photo, beautiful women #kristenstewart #juliettebinoche #beautiful #photo

gracebolland:Kristen Stewart & Juliette Binoche shooting
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